Walk Guides Australia

the authorsCharles Wooley and Michael Tatlow explore the history, colonial horrors, heroism and splendour of Sydney, Tasmania, Hobart and Launceston in four superb books that are updated yearly.
A Walk in Old Sydney, A Tour of Old Tasmania, A Walk in Old Hobart and A Walk in Old Launceston are comprehensive guides and companions for anyone wanting to see and learn about these wondrous Australian cities and the gem of the south, the island State of Tasmania.

They have been written by two distinguished authors, journalists and friends who live in Tasmania and have lived and worked for many years in Sydney. Charles Wooley is a national figure, well known and respected for his many features on the 60 Minutes television program and the weekday program Charles Wooley Across Australia, networked on 40 radio stations. Michael Tatlow is a former newspaper, television news and radio executive in Sydney and Tasmania and is now a professional writer.

The books came about from when Charles and Michael noted how often they saw tourists wandering aimlessly around Hobart and Launceston, and touring Tasmania, not knowing where to go or what they were looking at.
“There’s a crying need for inexpensive books to guide them, tell them about the local history in an accurate, graphic and entertaining way,” said Michael. “Let’s do it” said Charles. “Innkeeper, another bottle of red”. They formed Walk Guides Australia to self-publish and distribute their books at low cost. And so it began…

The Hobart book, launched by the Prime Minister in mid 2007,was an instant success, knocking the latest Harry Potter book off the top-seller list and remaining in the top ten books for many months, a record.  The Launceston book, published a few months later, is enjoying similar success. They remain top sellers locally and through this website. The quality and popularity of their first two books has caused Charles and Michel to be nominated for the 2008 Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian History for their contribution to generating public awareness of Australian history. Sydney organisations aware of Michael’s and Charles’ skills and success realised that there was a similar need for a self-guided book, A Walk in Old Sydney. This will be published soon, as will their likely flag-ship book, A Tour of Old Tasmania.


I am recommending to all friends and acquaintances who are heading down to Tassie the new walking guides to Hobart and Launceston by Mike Tatlow and Charles Wooley.  These two have produced the perfect handbooks for visitors wanting to take a leisurely stroll through our main cities.  Full of interesting illustrations old and new they are thick with scads of intriguing information including some terrific arcane.  These two charming paperbacks are heartily recommended.  May they sell like Aspirin.
Leo Schofield  (The Saturday Mercury 1/3/08)

They have done it again.  After the incredible success of A Walk in Old Hobart Charles Wooley and Mike Tatlow have turned their attention north. **** This book is destined for best seller status, next time you’re in Launceston you might like to pass time in the company of Wooley and Tatlow. And, yes, they will lead you astray.
Christopher Bantick (Sunday Tasmanian 30/12/07 – half page review of the book)

The title page gives an idea of what fun these two are.  Charles Wooley and Mike Tatlow wrote this book to “overcome a crying need for a reliable an entertaining guide”.  They cover headstones and heritage museums, parks, pubs and people (with tales of merchants, governors and a cannibal convict)…….The Launceston book will be out soon.
Judith Ellen Weekend Australian 6-7 October 2007